flower ID: globe thistles

globe thistle or echinops

globe thistle or echinops
Lovely round globes of textured bliss! Not only can you grow them outdoors in a garden fairly easy, they also last for a few weeks as a cut flower and dry great too. I love using them in arrangements because of their unique and eye catching textures. Silvery blue tones that are soft and subtle. I'm not completely sure why God cursed the ground with thistles after the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:17-18). I find them a pretty curse.

Don't be deceived though. These cute little globes are quite vicious. They have large prickers on their leaves which makes designing with them on the difficult side. I always end up with tiny prickers stuck in my fingertips or somehow nestled in my socks. It's worth it though. These little trouble makers make quite the statement.

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