vertical gardening inspiration

Here are some fun inspirational garden photos for your tuesday. A few I would love to try out myself!

small colorful terra cotta pots on an old fence. DIY toutorial here.

tin can wall via flickr

a shoe organizer turned vertical herb garden via pinterest

herbs in old coffee cans via ewa in the garden

burro tail succulents in old coffee cans found in mexica via mozone gardening and a vertical garden made out of an old palette from life on the balcony (remind me to try this one out next year!!).

concrete block garden via remodelista. I would love to try this out in my garden this year and I have the cinder-blocks too! I just don't think lugging them around my yard would be advisable in my last 3 weeks of pregnancy :)


  1. I like these and even one of them will work for me, thanks!

  2. Love love love them all. Thank you!! My eyes feel so good! :)

  3. damit i just threw out one of those shoe holder things! I forgot that you had a blog!

    So glad i found you again. I was gutted of course your beautiful creations cant come to me!


  4. I love these ideas! The shoe rack gardening is genius. hope you're doing alright, T. Hang in there lady. baby's comin!

  5. Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.


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