autumn wildflowers

I didn't mean for our playdate at the reservation to end in collecting wildflowers, but it did. On the way there we kept passing patches and clusters of goldenrod along the roadside. I love goldenrod, it reminds me of the patches of wildflowers in the fields by my home growing up in western new york. As I was pushing one of my daughters on the swing, I saw bountiful amounts of it not far off. With a 14 month on my hip and two wee excited girlies in tow, we picked wildflowers, which might look like weeds to anyone else, but quite an afternoon treasure to us.

fall container gardens in new jersey

The first day of autumn is here on saturday! I am ready to pack away my sandals and pull out my boots. I'm tired of my hair frizzy from humidity, I am ready for fall! That means so are my container plantings. My friend Julie and I design container gardens in northern new jersey, specifically Short Hills and the surrounding areas. Can't wait to show you some more soon!
If you are local, contact me at flowersofthesun {at} gmail {dot} com for more info.

my little container gardens

My plants have been neglected for a few weeks now, leaving them to fend for themselves and apparently that's what they did. These are my little container gardens at the beginning of summer and now at the end. It is interesting to see how some plants survive the hot heat and thrive while others die and are taken over by their neighbors. My favorite is that bottom bird feeder that is made out of a mix of left over plants from the season.
 It is so nice that the mornings are cool and crisp now. That means that mums and kale are at the stores and it is time once again for fall plantings. To get a jump start on autumn, here is an old post I did on fall container garden plant choices
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