craspedia for sale!

New! Currently in the shop, I am selling dried craspedia. Craspedia is also known as Billy Balls, Billy Buttons or drumstick flowers. They have many great uses for projects, photo props or decor display and are all over the design scene. For more ideas look here.

Billy buttons have wonderful long stems that can be cut to your desired height. They come in a bunch of roughly 30-40 heads of all different sizes and a stem length of up to 16 inches for $18 a bunch! A bouquet of billy buttons would make a lovely gift delivered, just let me know and I will include a note and gift wrap. Buy the craspedia here.

modern toile

Beautiful toile prints by Karin Akesson -Gardening Toille- Watering and Gardening Toile- Digging. Modern toile that would look great as a pattern on a pillow or tapestry. I hope many of you are creating your own summer scenes like these. Watering or Digging? There is something about planting a new tree that has me vouching for the latter.

post road vintage

I have come across a lovely vintage etsy shop Post Road Vintage. Heather Anderson salvages things like old trim boards, antique mason jars and vintage plates into unique home decor items. Have a look here at her shop. Oh and the last wall organizer is a giveaway on her blog! Hurry, it ends tomorrow!
Today is the summer solstice. Are you doing anything fun to celebrate the first day of summer? I think we are heading out to pick some blueberries :)

rise and shine

enjoy your weekend....

rise,shine painting from the talented groundwork by danna ray

fire escapes

I have a fire escape, with a very very old plaque that states there is a $10 fine if anything is placed on it. For fear of the large fine, I only have a clump of moss from a patch of woods in a local park that is still thriving from last autumn sitting on the black metal strips. I also have a small wooden planter box with wandering Jew and pink polka dot plants that liven my mornings on the window sill. I would love to create a garden bliss hanging outside my window, but we all know how unsafe that would be. Enjoy a few photos of these amazing fire escapes:
Child on Fire Escape, 1966, Bruce Davidson:

the wandering jew and pink polka dot plants outside my window:
proggie flickr and gary heller :
while browsing flickr, I came across this photo Spori Fire Escape from my college alma mater Brigham Young University-Idaho (Then Ricks College)! The date is unknown, but I love the pioneer bonnet on the young woman, so old western:

Kristine Paulus flickr:

via Apartment Therapy:

Heatspell, 1938 by Weegee- Children Sleeping on a Fire Escape. Oh how I love this photo:

the alphabet of flowers

A for Aster, B for Balsam, C for Calceolaria and Cactus, D for Dahlia, E for Erica, F for Fuschia, G for Geranium:

H for Hyacinth, I for Iris, J for Jonquil and Jasmine, K for Kalmia, L for Larkspur, M for Marigold and Mignonette:

N for Nasturtium, O for Oleander, P for Pink and Passion-flower, Q for Quince, R for Rose, S for Sweet William, Scabious and Stock:

T for Tulip, U for Umbilicus, V for Verbena, W for Wallflower, X for Xeranthemum, Y for Yellow Water Lilly and Z for Zinnia:

Beautiful, beautiful prints I found at the Royal Horticulture Society. They are images from a Victorian 1895 Children's Book "The Alphabet of Flowers". How lovely these prints would look in my little girl's room!
What is your favorite? I love the illustration of S for Sweet William.

eugenia topiary container garden

1} 1- 10" lavender lobelia broken into 2 clusters
2} 3- 6" tropical pink hibiscus
3} 1- 10" eugenia topiary
4} 1- 11" wandering jew broken into 3 clusters
5} 3- 4" cotton candy pink double impatiens
6} 2- 4" lime green potato vine
7} 2- 8" fuchsia petunia
8} 2- 4" lime green creeping jenny
9} fiberglass urn from the former Smith & Hawken

This particular client has two of these beautiful lavender and fuchsia container gardens framing her doorway. This specific container garden recipe is great for partial sun and shade. Therefore I was able to use inpatients and the wandering jew because the containers are not in full in sun.

For each and every plant, take it out of it's plastic pot and gently loosen the roots. Take off a lot of the extra soil and save it for compacting it at the end. If a plant calls for splitting, gently wedge them apart in clusters. When container gardening, it is best to use mostly full grown plants in hanging baskets or 8" pots. It gives instant satisfaction. Filler flowers are great in 4" and will eventually grow to fill and beautify throughout the summer.

Start with the topiary. Make sure it is nestled in the pot nice, roots slightly loosened and sturdy to prevent it from shifting in the wind. Next, I place in all the creepers (wandering jew, creeping jenny, potato vine, and lobelia) mounded and trailing in about 3 clusters around the lip of the planter. Follow the creepers with the filler focal flowers like the petunia and hibiscus which should be tucked in and around the topiary and creepers. Lastly, fill in any open holes with the impatiens. Be sure to add the extra soil in any holes to compact and prevent any of the plants from falling out. Water and fertilize often!

string gardens

Art and urban gardening at its finest! Amsterdam horticulturist Fedor has created string gardens by designing root balls made of string, moss, dirt, grass and seeds in the Japanese botanical style fashion, kokedama. As the plants flourish, he balances them upright with string. His how to secrets are left to the imagination and the web site is mostly in dutch but worth a green while browsing here.
I have become a facebook fan and I must say, its the best thing that pops up on my feed!

stunning. What a fabulous shop window this would make :)

its good to be back

I'm not gonna lie. There isn't anything close to working with fresh flowers. It's something about holding a knife, slicing a fleshy stem and artistically placing it in fresh water that calls my name far more than using dried flowers, a glue gun and messy floral foam.

I am back shortly working with fresh flowers making bridal bouquets, corsages, cocktail arrangements, anything prom or wedding related. Tis that season. I've been getting a green thumb (literally) from cutting so many stems. Boy it's good to be back, even if it is for a short while. I am afraid my etsy store has taken a tumble while I've been out ignoring it but everyone needs a little inspiring break right?

My dear camera has also currently stopped working on me and I am afraid it is due to water damage. Pray that the factory can fix it quick and cheap!

a soft design featuring pink garden hydrangeas, fuchsia peonies, and succulents

tall tall tall eremurus. I've never seen it come so tall. Do you see how tall!?!!

soft fiddle head fern curls. My favorite
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