teacher's christmas gifts

I am new to this whole teacher gift giving thing with having my daughter Raquel in school for the first time this year. We planted some Amaryllis bulbs for teachers gifts a few weeks ago and have been watching them grow like we did last year. I found the bulb kits on sale at the grocery store and purchased cuter pots for them at a local greenhouse. Raquel loves planting anything with me and was so delighted to make her gifts for her teachers. The bulbs have sprouted now sitting in the sun in the window and are ready for gifting tomorrow.

I will be light on posts now for the next 2 weeks as we take a little vacation out west and enjoy the holidays with family.

enjoy this wonderful christmas week!!

know your christmas greens

it seems as though each year as the Christmas season sneaks up, my mind draws a blank when naming a few of the different cut evergreens. Know your Christmas greens. Impress your boyfriend's mom by commenting on the lovely scent of cedar from her wreath or ask your friend where she acquired her centerpiece with juniper berries.

My favorite green this year are magnolia leaves. I love there deep, broad leaves and the soft velvety brown tones underneath. Here are some Christmas container plantings I did for a client. Test yourself, can you identify what's in them?

the glass house

glasshouse by lucy and stephen marr found via the selby.

One of my biggest wants in life is to have a little glass house. A quiet green place to slip inside and feel the warmth and growing things in the winter. I saw photos of this unique one made from recycled windows and had to share it with you. A greenhouse... someday you will be mine!

flower id: ilex berries

Ilex berries, also known as winterberries, are gorgeous holiday berries used in Christmas arrangements by floral designers at this time of year. They are grown from a shrub that has copious amounts of red berries in late autumn. Once cut, the ilex berries stay on the branches for a long time. I love to use them in outdoor planting too. You can find them at a flower market, florist and (sometimes) the grocery store.

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penny's first christmas

It's my little Penelope's first Christmas this year! I like to get each of my girls a first Christmas ornament to hang on our tree which we will be putting up tonight. I started looking around etsy a few weeks back and stumbled upon the cute penny keychains that pat from patsdesigns makes. Pennies! How perfect for my lucky little Penny. I asked her if she could make a custom design for me as an ornament and she did a great job! She also makes necklaces, dog tags and more with pennies showing your lucky year (year you met, anniversary, children's birth dates etc). Check them out here.

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