happy memorial day

Best Life Bird- Olaf Hajek

Happy Memorial Day, I hope you take the time to plant some flowers on a loved one's grave or remember those who have served for us. I found both of my late grandpa's WWII Army Enlistment Records here on ancestory.com . I can't help but notice the oil dripping at the top. Ironic.
Enjoy your day!

peonies in bloom

The peonies are in full bloom here in New Jersey. Their large heads are bursting open with petals that coat the ground below their droopy stems in colors of fuchsia, white, burgundy and pale pink. Their sweet scents? Nostalgic for me. I still remember my mother cutting them and wrapping them in small posies for my sisters and I to give to our teachers and bus driver on the last day of school.

Kari Herer print peony and plate no 9610:

tollen via flickr, floating on pink clouds:
Photogravue, Peonies in Tokyo, early 20th century. Found at New York Public Library:
I've been working again with fresh flowers at a florist, as it is busy prom and wedding season. I can't resist using and sniffing the peonies all day:
nevara via flickr Romancism:

antique images nypl:

Kari Herer botanical no 0002:

burro tail outdoor centerpiece

An easy way to make your outdoor setting more inviting is to make a simple planter centerpiece. I chose these burro tail succulents for hanging texture along with small planted fire color dahlias and small potted orangesicle straw flowers that will bloom all summer long. What could be better than a centerpiece that lasts a few months!?

jardin vertical

I came across this illustration by angelaleonh a few weeks ago, and I can't remember where. It must have been in my etsy browsing. She was inspired by the Patrick Blanc´s Vertical Garden which is a whole new post for a whole new day. But this print been begging to be posted on my blog! I like the burro tails in the hanging basket at the top. I will be posting next week of a small outdoor table centerpiece with some of the burro tail succulents in them so stay tuned, but in the meantime have a wonderful fin de semana :)

blue lobelia

When I head out to the greenhouses to buy plants to design containers gardens for a client, usually my head is empty with ideas. It has to be. I may have a color palette in mind, but other than that, container gardening is hard to plan exactly what you want. It will leave you disappointed and scrambling when they don't have the deep purple verbena you were counting on. I imagine it is the same when the chef shows up at the markets in the early morning. You can however count on the staples like lime green potato vine, rainbows of inpatients and petunias galore.
I am most creative under the warm dome of a greenhouse when I can see all of the textures and colors in front of my eyes and pick what is best and showy that day. And this time, it was the vibrant blue lobelia. They were hidden in the back of the large greenhouse, in the last row, but I saw their beautiful color poking out and knew they would be perfect to start with. Once I have one plant picked for a design, the rest starts flowing as I can picture it paired with the yellow buttercup lantana I saw when I first walked in and variegated ivy or hot pink geraniums and a big old spike on the floor of another isle.

blue lobelia, cordyline dark star spike, lime potato vine, hot pink geranium and small clusters of pink polka dot plants

blue lobelia, buttercup lantana and variegated hanging ivy

time off

I am back after a few days with my mother and two out of four sisters in Florida. It was a lovely time! A much needed break. We went to a cousins wedding, the beach, a Greek sponge harvesting town and visited with my grandmother on Mother's Day. Here are some photos from my trip:

cute bout

beautiful mini calla, red hypericum berries and a flax leaf leaf boutonniere by Bella Signature Design for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

I'm wondering why for my prom 8 years ago, I had the florist use a peach rose and baby's breath for my date's boutonniere? These are inspiring.
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