inspiration: Scheltens & Abbenes

Beautiful photography by Scheltens & Abbenes, an artistic couple who collaborates still life photography and art together to form two dimensional configurations by meticulously arranging objects until they achieve the right composition. Perfect cheerfulness for this last day in January. Happy Monday friends!

flowers delivered to my door

I got a big old box full of flowers from Oregon yesterday. Do you know how foreign and exotic that sounds to me? Oregon? Growing up I played the or-eh-gON trail. Loved the Goonies, filmed in Oregon. So naturally when I went to college in Idaho and met a handful of Oregonians, they all laughed at my north eastern pronunciation of it. And I know I'm not the only one. I've heard Conan pronounce it that way too. I'm glad I was able to sick my toes in the state once, even if It was just for a second on my way to Seattle.

Big boxes of flowers delivered to my home never seem to get old. My girls and I can't wait to bust them open and see the beautiful bunches tucked inside. They oooo and ahhh and try to grab. I love ordering from the dried flower catalog. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Hmmm what to try? Banksia? Dried protea? Dried artichokes would surely make a unique textured design.

hooray for Oregon and their dried flower farms!

oh and that big box of yellow craspedia? unfortunately its the last box I could get my hands on from anywhere until the crops start growing this summer in Cali. Bummer!

vertical garden

Patrick Blanc´s Vertical Garden at the Caixa Forum art gallery in Madrid. yes please!

birds eye view

another post of color for the grey skies of january. This is a collection of aerial photos of the rainbows of tulip fields in Northern Holland:

Some 60 million tulips bloom in these photos. More than 3 billion grow each year in Holland and two thirds of the crops are sent to the US and Germany. Holland is a place that I would love to visit. Next time you spot a fresh cut bunch of these beauties remember these gorgeous linear photos!

images: 1- potatoebread flickr, 2,3- daily, 4- potatoebread flickr, 5-pauljoshbrennan flickr, 6 daily 7-jackpesik nl

color for a grey day

Help! I cant see out my windows! There is a sheet of ice on them. My car was frozen solid this morning under a layer of ice. I thought these images seemed appropriate on a cold grey day. I am going to continue the color theme this week so stop back if you are feeling a little dull!

images: painting ian davenport, rainbow floral design one charming party, barcelona flower market,rainbow staircase jim lambie, rcolor coordinated bookshelf the treehouse and the cave, ballon photograph via dylan doug and dracula, antique color wheel apartment therapy, graphic shadow box lisa congdon, rainbow staircase runner unknown, cute girl and cake one charming party,friendship necklace belts honestly wtf (I use to love making these!), rainbow rose floresdelsol, colored pencil decor david stark design.

lifes of grass

stunning. can you believe this? Maybe it's because all my grass is under 2 feet of snow (well now more like a big white iceberg), but I cant stop looking at these. They are absolutely breathtaking. Horticulture mixes with art to form these modern sculptures.

via- paradis express

Mathilde Roussel-Giraurdy's lifes of grass.

Exhibited at the 2010 Crossing the Line FIAF Festival at Invisible Dog Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and at the French Institute Alliance Fran├žaise FGH Theater hall, NY and at Brooklyn Utopias: Farm City at The Old Stone House Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

"Through these anthropomorphic and organic sculptures made of soil and wheat grass seeds, I strive to show that food, it's origin, it's transport, has an impact on us beyond it's taste. The power inside it affects every organ of our body. Observing nature and being aware of what and how we eat makes us more sensitive to food cycles in the world - of abundance, of famine - and allows us to be physically, intellectually and spiritually connected to a global reality."

new in shop

what a fine weekend. I listed 2 new mossy mounds in vintage milk glass:

Also, I ended up on etsy's front page twice in these two fantastic treasuries.
When I get a link to a treasury I've been added to, sometimes I can just tell the creative ones with a design eye that will make the front page. Like this one by urbanrevisions. I love the geometric shapes with the soft pops of color:

and this one by dawncorrespondence. im liking the subtle wood tones:

If only i had that talent! How was your weekend? I took advantage of my husband being home early to watch my little girls as I ran to my favorite supply greenhouses, only to find them closed due to a light dusting of snow. Ugh. I guess its my crazy buffalo blizzard shell I've had since birth that had me chuckling at the sight of the closed gates.

found friday: wintery illustrations

illustrations by artist Anna Emilia. apple blossom, snowing, spring is coming and spring bracelet
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