favs of 2010

2010 is coming to a close dear friends! I thought I would share some of my favorite things I've found this year.

1.- popcorn, indiana kettlecorn. delish!
2.-Vampire Weekend, Contra and Iron & Wine's the shepherd's dog album.
3.-The Hunger Games trilogy- a great read! And a classic Wuthering Heights
4.- my sister's riding boots- rouch
5.- soft structured dress, anthropologie
6.-jeweled waist dress- boden
7.- flapper fringe necklace- madewell
8.-tuffed love seat- terrain
9.- wildfield quilt- anthropologie
10.-vintage card catalog - flickr
11.-bed time bus roll- my sweet prints - although I would add prayers to mine :)

I hope you enjoy your new years! I think me and the hubs are going to hunker down for a quiet evening and seafood dinner. See you in '11!

christmas container plantings

outdoor winter plantings that I did on friday. Burrrrrrrrr!!!!! It was cold! They are designed with ceder, pine, spruce, pine cones, red dogwood branches and ilex berries.

Personal story, maybe too personal for this blog but as I was finishing up the designs in the first two photos, I had a distinct impression that my father (who passed away almost 10 years ago) was there admiring my work. What an overwhelming and happy moment that was for me!

Happy monday dear friends!

new in shop: gift certificates

just in time for the holiday rush! get them while they're hot here.
Give the gift of a floresdelsol custom arrangement!

DIY: vintage fabric holiday wreath

this little holiday craft is sooo simple, cheap and fun to make!

what you'll need:

fabric- about a yard. Mine is a vintage green handmade thrifted table cloth with laced edges. It was $3.
There are so many options to use, and the fabric you choose will determine the look. I found some old plaid flannel shirts that would make a great holiday wreath with a totally different feel.

foam wreath- any craft store. I used a 16 inch and got it from michaels with the 40% off coupon.

quilt batting- not totally necessary but softens the foam wreath and makes it a little more plush.

paper and felt- for making the fan flowers

glue gun and scissors.

To start:
wrap a portion of the foam wreath with the quilt batting. Next, cut long strips at your desired width. Then simply tie them each strip on the wreath with a knot. Double knot some for a varied look.

it helped me to put a piece of fabric on top of the wreath to cover the batting when you tie the knot or bits of white will show at the knot.

continue knotting the whole wreath or leave a space (like above) if you wish to add a little embellishment.

to create the fan flowers, I used paper from an old vintage book and folded them back and forth like an accordion. Then I folded the accordion in half and glued it. I then made an identical accordion and glue them together to form the flower. You can cut your paper in different lengths for different size flowers.

lastly, I cut felt circles and then snipped away at them, glued them with some added lace and added them to the center of the fan flower. Glue the fan flowers to your wreath and add some extra glitz if you wish!

happy holiday crafting!

in shop: mercury glass centerpiece

a slight variation from this with roses instead of protea flats as my supplier waits for the proteas to be released from customs in Africa. Can be found in the shop here!

I am also pleased to announce the winner of the ferns and moss is MissLittleJeans. A faithful follower. Congratulations! Thank you to all who commented.

hugging onto fall

organic autumn collections I cant seem to let go of! It still has not snowed here (it's a warm 60 today) and technically winter does not start until December 21. So i'm hugging onto the crunchy browness of fall for as long as I can.

I had a wonderful thanksgiving and hope you did too! Mine was full of making fresh centerpieces at a local floral shop I free lance for and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my girls.

ps- dont forget, the fern giveaway ends on friday.

pps- rabbit rabbit and happy december!

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

I love the thanksgiving message in the middle. Wishing you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving dear friends!
"Let us give thanks for what we are and for the circumstances God has given us for our personal journey through mortality."

I am thankful for my beautiful family that warms my heart every minute of the day and that we have our needs filled daily both temporally and spiritually. What are you thankful for?

thanksgiving week wishes

I have a thing for antique postcards. Especially ones that have written messages from a different life time.

To Miss Jose Dalton. Best Wishes From Herman

Dear Elsia, We butchered today (3 hogs). One weighed 325, 360, 390. Katie is home, yet is going away sat. I thank you very much for napkins, they were very nice. Aurthur and Leslie were in Albany a couple days. Wish U were here, we would grease you up in great shape. It was lovely here today, we have to brag of it when we get a nice day. Love to all, Morlier Laslier. -1911

To: Miss E Halkin. Have not forgotten you. Will write you in a few days. With love, Sincerely, E. N. -1908

and two from the apparently humorous Mrs Davis:

Save the drum stick for me. Mrs Davis- 1908

Did your corn equal this? Mrs Davis. Hurrah for Taft!!!
(Taft had just won the 1908 presidential election).

from NYPL. For many more postcards, just search thanksgiving.

found friday: wall flowers

this really makes me miss being creative with fresh flowers. It is designed by the Japanese floral artist Kado Hiroyuki. It reminds me of something I designed on top of a big old 70's painting of an autumn scene. Definitely not as cool as the one above. and no snickering allowed, this is me in college 6 years ago!!! For more beautiful eye candy, check out Kado Hiroyuki's blog.

another floresdelsol giveaway!

It is time for another flores del sol giveaway! This time it is a planter of preserved ferns and moss. Your own little piece of a forest floor in a mod striped planter. Perfect timing as around here, all things green have turned bright shades and are now gone for the winter.

How to enter:
Its easy! Just leave a comment on this post to enter.
If you want, tell me if you have any green left outside your window.
Make sure there is a link on your post to contact you or post your email in the comment.

You can double your chances of winning by becoming a follower of this blog, just leave another comment that you are following. If you are already a follower, just post a comment to let me know.

Get even more chances of winning by liking us on facebook, tweeting, posting on your facebook and blogging this giveaway, once again leave a separate comment with each thing you've done.

--Contest open to only US and Canada. Winner will be chosen by random.org. Giveaway ends and winner will be chosen December 3rd, 2010.

want it now? ferns and moss planter is for sale in the shop here.

found friday: papercut prints

Stunning papercut prints by etsy artist elsita. I could not pick just one to post. I love the intricate and pleasant woodland feel mingled with fairytale like scenes and imaginative stories in each print. My favorite is the 3rd one down titled children and deer. Each are so pleasing to the eye!

I am off for a little weekend to Virginia to see family. Enjoy your weekend!

The (purely paper) Flower Shop

flora, potted plants, watering cans, garden tools, potted orchids and more were created by David Stark Design. It was open for two days only back in may. If I only knew I would surely have visited! Truly stunning!

A video of the installation:

THE (purely paper) FLOWER SHOPPE from David Stark Design & Production on Vimeo.

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