found friday: jeremy miranda

I'm in love with the artwork of Jeremy Miranda. I have had the first two paintings in a folder for months waiting to make an appearance on this blog. I wanted to pair them with more of his marvelous creations but his etsy shop was always low. Low and behold he is an etsy featured seller this week with a full stock of artwork in his shop.

A greenhouse in winter. Have you had the pleasure? I did last week. It is so rejuvenating in the dead of winter. High humidity, warm breezes and green tropical growth as far as the eye can see. A perfect winter outing, even with children. I picked a few plants to brighten up my bedroom that I will show later.

So get out and find a greenhouse in your area! If you are in my area (northern nj outside of nyc) email me at flowersofthesun {at} gmail {dot} com and I will give you some good suggestions. It is pouring rain here today. I'm listening to the new radiohead album my hubs just purchased. Perfect day for it.

happy weekend!

nesting phase

No these are not photography prints of organic collections or the work of a modern artist. This is the work of a rare species of bee the Osmia avoseta. Discovered recently in Turkey and Iran, these colorful nests are made out of a layer of colorful flower petals with a layer of mud sandwiched in between another layer of flower petals. It creates the ultimate posh nest for their newborn. Each flower pod holds one bee larva which feasts on the nectar and pollen deposited inside by its mother.

To close up the nest, the mama bee bends the inner layers of petals toward each other, spackles the petals with mud, and folds down the outer petals for a tight seal according to the American Museum of Natural History's Jerome Rozen. Absolutely amazing! The flower and mud nursery then hardens and tightens up to protect the larva from predators until its ready to fly.

Talk about a pregnancy nesting phase! I hope to be so creative and loving towards my new little one as my nesting instincts usually start to peak around my 3rd trimester ;) That first photo would make a cute nursery print, especially with the story behind it. I keep thinking I'm going to see an Anne Geddes baby pop out of the top of them though.

For more photos and info see the Nat Geo article here.

little sprouts

My girls and I have started spring off early. A friend gifted them these cute little seed kits for fun and we planted them up.

Their favorite part was watching the soil pellet magically transform into a pile of dirt when you add water:

They planted parsley, wild primroses and sunflowers.
and now we are waiting for them to sprout! Speaking of sprouts, I have another one on the way gracing us with their presence in the beginning of July! I am 20 weeks along. Hooray! Happy monday!

spring rose prints

prints from the talented Kari Herer. They are singing spring! So simple but stunning. I also love that she included the last photo with the cute little munchkin. It really helps me visualize how stunning these prints are. It's warming up here and I am smelling spring on its way. I. Can't. Wait.

a previous post with her work.

new in shop

i've been working on some new spring 2011 designs!

soft blonde garden:

dried soft grey lambs ear, cream celosia cockscomb, preserved hydrangea blooms and a cluster of soft sola flowers.

a bouquet of dried plum purple status snipped and designed in a low cement garden pot

soft blooms:

preserved cream hydrangea, dried white tallow berries and clusters of dried soft grey lambs ear

moss mound:

intended simple, a mound of dried mood moss in a a distressed terracotta garden planter. sometimes just a hint of green texture can make all the difference in a setting.

preserved mood moss and faux moss covered cobble stones in a vintage upcycled glass dome and wood block.

check out the shop to see them all!

found friday: say it with flowers

i love this print, i want this print. i cant figure out how to buy this print ! :(
Say it with flowers by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische.

flores del sol has been nominated on the lovelies. I love sharing my favorite floral finds and designs with you. I hope you enjoy them too! If you feel extra loving today, please take a second and leave a comment or "like" it here. Thanks so much friends!! Have a great 'fin de semana'.

say it with flowers

Make sure you say it with flowers this valentines day! Or be sure to hint to your lover that you want them. A potted plant is another great idea for your valentine. They can brighten up their dreary desk and purify the air around where they sit. Plus every time they see it, it will remind them of you. Lets hope they have some what of a green thumb or you might remind them of crispy brown shriveled leaves. 

my love collage:
1- saipua: coleus floral arrangement 
2- jason home & garden: Ribbon wrapped vase floral design 
3- muddpuppy: hanging air plant pod
4- floral art:fuchsia sequin floral design
5- flora grub: rock pot
6- terrain: mahogany wreath
7- floral art: succulent arrangement in male and female bust vases
8- logee's : begonia curly fireflush potted plant
9- terrain: i love you cards

monday morning

I came across this artist Amy Rice while blog hopping one day. I love this print titled "container gardener". It's me! My favorite flower is the sunflower, I just had thick bangs cut in over the weekend and I am a container gardener. I just don't have the cute little yellow doggie.

Check out Amy Rice's free Valentine's day card downloads here. They are spectacular!

Happy monday, I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine was!

custom designs

a few past custom floral designs from flores del sol:

have a specific spot on your table or look you are going for? I love creating custom dried floral arrangements. You can contact me directly by email at flowersofthesun [at] gmail [dot] com or convo me through my shop, flores del sol!

I would love to know which one is your favorite! It will help me decide what style to make for the shop. Enjoy your weekend :)

become a flores del sol sponsor!

images here

Hello friends!!! I am starting up a sponsor section on the side bar of this blog. To kick things off I have a HUGE deal:

3 months free. No strings attached!

did you hear that!? 3 months free!

Please email me at flowersofthesun [at] gmail [dot] com for more information on ad specs and the very affordable cost after 3 months.

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