bird bath planter

There is this old crumbly bird bath in my yard. My girls are standing next to in this photo this past Easter. Who knows how long its been sitting there, sad, empty and deteriorating. I felt bad for it but liked the pretty shape and bones. In the spring I planted it up to try and give it some new life, make it shnazzy again. I think it worked! Sorry birds, you'll have to bathe elsewhere.

a big spider plant as the focal, creeping jenny, purple wandering jew, sweet potato vine and pink begonias as fillers and spillers.

Have a happy summer weekend dear readers.
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DIY: recycled glass bottle watering globes

My husband loves coke (a-cola that is). Especially when it comes ice cold in a glass bottle. He claims that the formula in the glass bottles is different with real sugar (not fructose corn syrup) or something like that. I love the glass coke bottles but always throw them in the recycling not wanting to hoard bottles with no use. Until I saw the idea for using glass bottles as watering globes for your plants! They drink as much as they want. Perfect if you are going out of town for a few days and they can be used for your indoor or outdoor plants.

I tested it out on my sansevieria plant Harvey (named by my 4 year old). So far it's working great and Harvey is taking only slow sips!

How to:
It works best if the soil around your plant is already moist so water first. Fill up your glass bottle with water, then quickly stick the neck deep into the soil. Make sure that there is no immediate leakage or bubbles rising to the top. If there is, take out the bottle and try again until it works. I only needed to do it once. Neat huh!

found friday: summer photography collections

collections from etsy artist miles of light, one of my favorite photographers. i love her new line of summer collections. check out the pressed flowers, how lovely would they look framed on a wall?

dog days of summer

The dog days of summer are here for sure. Blueberries are in full season in the garden state and the heat index is pushing 110 in the next few days (with high humidity in the mix.. woof!). Here is a mix of summer images I collected. I can't believe I actually found a few spare moments to do it this morning. Enjoy!

she's here!

Beautiful Penèlope Eve joined our world July 6th, 2011. All 7lbs 2oz of her. She is so snuggly and lovely and the reason why my blog is unplugged for a bit. I will be back in a little!!!

my lucky lawn

It is said that for every 10,000 three leafed clovers is there is one 4 leaf. If this is the case then my lawn is a lucky one. I've been finding tons. It is debated whether the fourth leaflet is caused genetically or environmentally, but something about my lawn's environment must be causing this lucky influx.

Each summer of my childhood I would lay in the grass of my lawn in western new york for hours and intricately comb the three leaf clovers looking for a lucky four leaf. I would then laminate them and give them to my friends and family (how "lucky" ;) ). After my father passed away I found one of my lucky clovers tucked in his wallet. I was 17 when he passed so it meant a lot to me that he had kept it all those years.

I still have this strange 4 leaf clover obsession. When walking through grass I find my eyes in the habit of quickly scanning the patches of clovers. I don't even realize I'm doing it. I still have the coveted talent of finding them while walking.

While you hang around and barbeque this 4th of july weekend, look for some lucky clovers. And happy 4th of July!
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