found friday: jeremy miranda

I know i have featured him before, Jeremy Miranda, but I just can't help it! I am inspired by so many of his paintings. A few more short weeks and fall will be here. I love harvest time.

new in shop: field harvest

two new designs in the shop. They are relaxed and organic with a hint of autumn tones. Field harvest and a smaller version, petite field harvest.
they are composed of preserved eucalyptus, dried ammobium, craspedia (billy buttons, billy balls), bits of brown preserved maidenhair fern and preserved white roses which are so soft to the touch.
visit them in my shop here and here!

moments notice

i love having a great camera in my pocket... er phone... to take photos of the things that inspire me at a moments notice. I'll share with you the latest:

-creeping fig by my feet at the greenhouse,

-colorful coleus outside the bagel shop on a saturday morning

-rose hips on an evening walk with my little family

-two new designs i made months ago . i swear i will list them for sale one of these lazy summer days

- and double flowered perennial sunflowers growing in my neighbors front yard. they are about 7 feet tall. *reminder, i need to plant these gorgeous flowers!
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