craspedia cluster

wonderful dried billy buttons -craspedia globosa- in a tall baby blue ceramic vessel here

succulent love

I recently got back from a trip to Southern California. Succulents are everywhere spreading their roots in the ground and adding their classy geometric textures.

echeveria's in the gardens of The Getty in LA
I love succulents. My first encounter with them was when I was a freshman in college. I was studying vigorously for a horticulture houseplant ID class when I fell head over heals for the Jade plant, Crassula argentea. It's bonsai like trunk and thick supple leaves, whats not to love? I loved it so much that I sold Jade plants to fellow students in cute planters for dorm/apartment therapy and extra cash.

What makes a plant a succulent? They have thick water storing juicy leaves or stems due to the dry environments in which they originate. If kept indoors they require the same environment. Little water in the winter months and lots of vital sunshine.

Now for some succulent finds...
My friend Mackenzie from college -whom I met in Floral Design class- lives in Southern California and makes her own succulent planters. Don't you agree with me that she should start an online shop selling these?

indoor/outdoor concrete planter circle from tortoise loves donkey:

butter cream pedestal and succulents by greenwaredesign:

spider web hens and chicks by succulents galore:

brenda by livingarrangements:

I am smitten with the shop succulentLOVE and their blog:

I hope my love rubs off on you a little, especially in the gray of winter.
<3 Christina

hint of spring

Dare I say the word spring in January? Only because it is in the name of this design I just created, hint of spring:

it is overflowing with preserved blanca hydrangeas, buff cockscomb, indian canella berries, clusters of dusty miller and light blue echinops.

I am slowly bringing my shop back up to par. Admittedly, It has taken long because I am constantly distracted by my two under 3. In the midst of a photo shoot of my new design in the perfect lighting, I have helpers at my feet begging to be read Angelina Ballerina.

The sun will shine it's light in this spot again tomorrow, but Angelina has to go back to the library and my little girls always come before my flowers ;)

urban renewal

Here is a look at the vintage consignment store I mentioned last blog, Urban Renewal. It is nestled in a quaint downtown area of St George, Utah. A small town located around the desert and red rock mountains of the west.
My sister Annie found it and brought me back with her because she knew I would love it. I thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the findings and photographing my favorites:
Annie showed me these cute vintage baby hangers. LOVE THEM!:

we have a sister who lives in Montana, so I was attracted to this photograph:

my favorite find:

I persuaded my sister to purchase this old brownie camera. She is a photographer and I think it would make a fabulous decor item in her home.

urban renewal is now selling some of their items online! Check it out here.

i do indeed

I have been visiting family for a few weeks in the desert and red rock mountains of southern Utah. I stopped at a quaint vintage and handmade consinment shop in downtown St. George.

I was rummaging through some old post cards when the suited old man in this one caugh my eye:

I do indeed wish you a happy new year

I loved it and such perfect timing to find it two days before 2009 was gone forever. But when I examined it closely on the postage mark it was stamped Los Angeles (where I ended up celebrating my new years) December 3, 2:30pm 1909. Yes! That means it was sent by this jolly gent to a Mrs. JC Brawn, 1862 Winfield Ave, Los Angeles, California exactly 100 years ago to celebrate the new year of 1910.

and so from me (and my baby camila) to you:

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