flower ID: scabiosa pods

the dainty scabiosa stellata- scabiosa pods, are also known as paper moons, or star-flower pincushions. Striking in a bridal bouquet or as a cluster alone in a vase, scabiosa pods are a name you should remember and tuck in your pocket for future sightings. How pleasing would it be to grow these in your garden and use as a cut flower?

photo credits: floresdelsol, housemartin, mollydunhamflickr, stuetzger, and floragrubb.

the little flower shop

the little flower shop by carambatack designs
I love this beautiful illustration! European artist Annette Mangseth has some intricate and unique artwork you can check out here. Happy Weekend dear friends!

autumn planting season

the autumn container planting season is quickly sneaking up, although today it is 86 outside, I have noticed a few trees turning into rustic colors. I love the autumn hues!

a Fresh Art Plantings autumn design of rustic mums, lemon colored ornamental peppers, plum kale, bittersweet berries and orange glycerin leaves

Fresh Art Plantings is a container gardening business that myself and a fellow floral designer friend run seasonally. We do container planting designs in the Short Hills, Millburn, Summit and surrounding New Jersey areas. For more on fresh art plantings visit here or email me at flowersofthesun [at] gmail [dot] com.

flowering basil

Who knew that flowering basil is so pretty as a cut flower. The wholesale flower delivery guy at the florist I work freelance for gave them to us. He said they didn't have much time left in them, but they smelled delicious. Oh the smell. They smell so wonderful. Delicious is the right word. I rescued them from their garbagey grave as clean up at the end of the day commenced. And the whole weekend my apartment has smelled like a fresh herb garden. And still does.

aalsmeer flower auction

image via here
This morning I would love to roam the world renowned dutch flower auction and pick some fresh floral ingredients. Many of the flowers that you purchase from florists and markets pass through this Aalsmeer Flower Auction, which is the biggest floral auction in the world. The building alone is known to be the third largest in the world for floorspace covering 10.6 million square feet. I guess roaming it would take more than a morning but would be my heaven on earth!

Flores del sol is back online after a big move and much needed vacation. I've missed you all!!! I am working on fixing and setting up my new little studio before I can make new designs but hopefully within the next few weeks they will be streaming in. Happy monday!
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