on a freezing friday

it is cold outside today. COLD!!!!!! I could tell from the moment I woke up this morning. I felt a cool draft coming from the crack in my window. I was suddenly swept away to memories of my drafty cold shoe box room growing up in a charming old farmhouse outside of Buffalo, New York. It was always freezing upstairs, the heat did not carry well through that old house. This morning I very much wanted to snuggle up with my old electric blanket that kept my toes warm through countless winters.

Here are some of my favorite white christmas decor items. Perfect for an old cold country home:

vintage holland mold mid century christmas tree from the sundaytimesmarket

2009 Commemorative Dove from Palomas nest

land-rich's tallow berry bulb {via modish}

petite winter trees by paintedwhite

vintage silver and gold ornaments from 5gardenias

noel-holiday hemp pillow from nestahome

don't forget.. my first giveaway ends this monday

and please stay warm!


  1. Beautiful Blog and thanks so much for the feature!!!

    Happy Holidays :)


  2. Beautiful! Thanks for mentioning my petite trees here ;)

    I live in Rochester, NY...and am in the midst of one of those briskly cold Western, NY winters right now!!! Brrr...
    ~Alice W.

  3. Greetings from an old farmhouse outside of Buffalo!!!!! I'm freezing! Boy, could I use an electric blanket from Santa, right now!!

  4. The best part of winter was the plastic on the windows and when it was really windy the plastic would make crinkley noises...

  5. greetings former buffalonian-- and current buffalo natives above-- yes you just described the frosty chill seeping in through our old windows -- we live in an old allentown city building that houses a used bookstore and restaurant below us and our big oversized pivoting antique windows have no insulation and some good sized crevices for air to blow through.

    i love your sweet choices for sweetly simple and ever so lovely seasonal decoration-- i'm happy you included ornaments from my vintage shop 5gardenias and i wish you a wonderful holiday season with a chance to kick back and enjoy time with friends and family!

    thanks so much!

  6. thank you all for your lovely comments. I did not realize when I was compiling my favorites that it would include so many WNYers.

    merry chritmas


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