peonies in bloom

The peonies are in full bloom here in New Jersey. Their large heads are bursting open with petals that coat the ground below their droopy stems in colors of fuchsia, white, burgundy and pale pink. Their sweet scents? Nostalgic for me. I still remember my mother cutting them and wrapping them in small posies for my sisters and I to give to our teachers and bus driver on the last day of school.

Kari Herer print peony and plate no 9610:

tollen via flickr, floating on pink clouds:
Photogravue, Peonies in Tokyo, early 20th century. Found at New York Public Library:
I've been working again with fresh flowers at a florist, as it is busy prom and wedding season. I can't resist using and sniffing the peonies all day:
nevara via flickr Romancism:

antique images nypl:

Kari Herer botanical no 0002:


  1. Even Rhoda got one! I loooove the scent of Peonies.

  2. What a sweet gesture. I will think of that when my son starts school. Lovely.

  3. Peonies will always be an absolute favorite flower of mine! I've always loved the myth about peonies needing ants to open them- I still like believing it's true :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I've linked to your blog in my blog entry regarding the woodland vows treasury!


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