new in shop : constance

up next in the 2011 mother's day line is Constance.

Named after my Nani, I have fond memories when I was little of walking with her by my home in the country of western NY and her teaching me how to dry flowers by hanging them upside down and spraying them with hairspray(?).

Constance is simple and elegant made of dried white status flower but modern when designed in its square cement vase. Constance is for sale in the shop here.

In other news, I fully enjoyed my weekend by watching general conference. It's a semiannual world conference broadcast my church holds. I am always edified by the speakers and inspired to better my life. This weekend I was impressed by the overwhelming messages of helping others in need and thinking less of ourselves. So the question of the day to ponder is ...

print found at persimmon and pink here.

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