DIY: recycled glass bottle watering globes

My husband loves coke (a-cola that is). Especially when it comes ice cold in a glass bottle. He claims that the formula in the glass bottles is different with real sugar (not fructose corn syrup) or something like that. I love the glass coke bottles but always throw them in the recycling not wanting to hoard bottles with no use. Until I saw the idea for using glass bottles as watering globes for your plants! They drink as much as they want. Perfect if you are going out of town for a few days and they can be used for your indoor or outdoor plants.

I tested it out on my sansevieria plant Harvey (named by my 4 year old). So far it's working great and Harvey is taking only slow sips!

How to:
It works best if the soil around your plant is already moist so water first. Fill up your glass bottle with water, then quickly stick the neck deep into the soil. Make sure that there is no immediate leakage or bubbles rising to the top. If there is, take out the bottle and try again until it works. I only needed to do it once. Neat huh!


  1. This is great! Now I just need a plant. We wanted to wait until were officially moved in. Thanks for reminding me. Do you have any house plants that you recommend?

  2. PS. I totally agree with Felipe. It does take better with real sugar. At the QT gas stations here, they use filtered water in their fountain drinks and they taste SO MUCH BETTER. You may have to be a soda connoisseur though to really taste it. ? .

  3. Wow! This really works? Awesome - I have never heard of this before, but this will be a life-saver when we're away for a few nights and can't water ours. Thanks for this tip!

  4. i would recommend a sansevieria (snake plant) like mine. they are forgiving and look nice too!

    1. aka: Mother-in Law

  5. What a wonderful idea. I suppose plastic bottles could also be used? I have plenty of those waiting to be recycled.

  6. well I just checked on my bottle and its empty! Im not sure if it was my 2 year old playing with it or it emptied on its own. I will have to test it again!


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