touring an orchid farm

I had the opportunity to take an impromptu tour of Plainview Growers which specializes in 'Pure Beauty Orchids' or potted phalaenopsis orchids. There are rows upon rows of gorgeous Taiwanese breeds of orchids in different stages of bloom in massive greenhouses. 13 acres to be precise. It was a breathtaking rainbow of beauty to behold.
baby orchids just starting:
waiting to bloom:
classic white phalaenopsis in bloom:
and the varieties of colors they offer:
 The vibrant blue variety above is done by 'colorfuze'. A process in which the literally infuse the color into the orchid. I was able to watch the infuzors at work. They literally put color dye into the little plastic vessels below with the die solution in that plastic bucket below and directly insert it into the bottom of a classic white phaleanopsis orchid. The orchid then soaks up the dye and brightly shows the vibrant hues.
 Plainview Grower's 'Colorfuzed' orchids are one of two licensed growers in the US that offer the unique process, so chances are if you have seen these, they are from this grower in Plainview New Jersey! 

The variety of hues of colorfuzed orchids they offer:
 Orchids potted and getting ready to ship:
 ready to go:
 I was at the grocery store a few days ago and saw a few of the orchids above for sale. I was like a little kid, giddy and excited that I have seen how they grow and where they come from.


  1. These are exquisite! I have never seen "colorfuzed" orchids before. Amazing colors!

    It must be fun to tour acres of orchids. Thanks for sharing...


  2. it was so neat to see the process of how they grow and colorfuze them!

  3. They are so stunning, I would love to work there!

  4. That is almost obscene, all those orchids in one space, overload for me! What an interesting post--


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