moments notice

i love having a great camera in my pocket... er phone... to take photos of the things that inspire me at a moments notice. I'll share with you the latest:

-creeping fig by my feet at the greenhouse,

-colorful coleus outside the bagel shop on a saturday morning

-rose hips on an evening walk with my little family

-two new designs i made months ago . i swear i will list them for sale one of these lazy summer days

- and double flowered perennial sunflowers growing in my neighbors front yard. they are about 7 feet tall. *reminder, i need to plant these gorgeous flowers!


  1. Congrats on your mystery sunflower, and I think you should plant those others too. They are perfect! (PS I take pictures of flowers with my phone too...)

  2. Hi there, I found your blog today and I really love it.
    You share some beautifull pictures here, I love the minimalistic sadness they have over them ! haha
    Thank you for sharing such beauty xx

  3. Is this the single lens reflex mode?


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