Eddie Zaratsian's new book: Custom Florals and Lifestyle

Tap tap tap, is this thing on? I had a nice summer break and with the cool weather slowly approaching, the start of school and all that's good that comes with the Fall, I'm back again. 

 Eddie Zaratsian has a new book Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle that is due to be released September 26, 2013 and I am excited to share some of the exquisite images with you!

In a floral industry that has recently been taken over by the lush garden, Baroque style designs, it is nice to encounter some west coast contemporary design.
I was intrigued by the great attention to detail, the use of so many textures and natural botanical material that that Eddie uses. It is no wonder that he is a Florist to the stars of Hollywood. He has a style that is heavily influenced by contemporary European floral design. Eddie's talent has teamed up with Restoration Hardware in their Beverly Hills store for their first floral galley boutique where his modern textural floral art mixes and compliments their styled line of furniture and accessories.

The book hosts many vivid photographs of floral eye candy paired with some of Eddie's favorite floral quotes, its every flower fanatic's must have. 

  "I have always been adamant about creating a beautiful art book, one that could rest on your coffee table or in a common room while the blend of texture, color and unusual combinations of flowers became an affirming inspiration." -Eddie Zaratsian,in the book's preface.


photos copyrighted by photographer Marianne Lozano


  1. That is awesome I am going to go check out his boutique! And buy his book:)


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