floral crowns in february

Last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a floral crown workshop. This winter has been brutal on New Jersey, especially the week that we held the workshop. Spring flowers were needed to lift our spirits, and that is exactly what they did! It was hosted by Stef, Erica and Jenn of Bits & Pieces Vintage Rentals at their warehouse. To say I was impressed is a huge understatement. The space and pieces are gorgeous!

The photos were taken by Adeline of You Look Lovely Photography. Her photo talent is impeccable.


  1. Wonderful, this must be such a lovely activity to work on together - great pictures!

  2. Warm and wonderful pictures ;) I Co-created a danish flower blog and now on the lookout for floral inspiration for our blog. We would love to feature your blog if we were able to lend some of Adelines photos (credits would be given of course). Happy flowery wishes from Denmark :)


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