My first post

Welcome, welcome, here is my blog, my creative one!! I feel that I am in constant conflict with my personal family blog to not post things that con-inside with my floresdelsol shop or things about cool findings, creativity and such. SOOOOO HERE IT GOES!!! Follow along and I wont get overly personal but I will show you what I like!

And a new announcement:
I have opened up a vintage shop on etsy! I will start adding items in a few days after I hit up my FAVORITE RUMMAGE SALE TOMORROW!!

In this blog I will: post about my etsy stores, list good finds (probably mostly in home decor), interesting blogs, a few giveaways- that's right some of my designs, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Come and follow me!


  1. Congratulations on your new Blog Tina. You are so talented that I am sure that people from all over the world will be flocking to your new blog/site.

    Something tells me that you are well on your way to becoming the next Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart.

    Good luck Tina!

  2. You're blog just reminded me that I have to find those photos of you. I'll do that this weekend.


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