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I love the autumn. It is my favorite time of year to design in. The fall tones of burnt oranges, vibrant reds and the rusty color of decaying leaves, not to mention the wonderful aroma they give off. I find all of this inspiring. It is so hard for me not to be in a floral shop designing with the fresh flowers of autumn. Dahlias, zinnias and cockscomb. I have entered into a new phase in life. The -your two beautiful daughters come first in life- phase. Therefor my passions come second. I am grateful for the internet and the inspiration it gives me when I can't design hands on. For example:
A huge carrot full of autumns finest. Bittersweet, dahlias and zinnias made by studio choo at design sponge. Its nice, its refreshing. Its not busting out of a gourd (i've done my share of those).

So now. What is new in floral design? What is the trend!? I have yet to find out. But I am dying. I would love to take a day and head into 28th street of new york. Not in the afternoon, but at 6am when it is busy and bustling with color and flora. The floral district. I would spy and pick out a designer pointing at and picking out all my autumn favorites. Follow them to their trendy shop in the Village or on Madison ave. I would be a fly on the wall and see what is trendy. Because that is how I work. I get inspired by a blog post, by a design, by moss in its natural habitat. Please, the leaf in the water, the bear grass swirled in the vase and looped around the designs. I am over it.

Until I can do that (of course my camera will be on hand and no I won't stalk) I will make up my own trend. As I have been, clustering clumps of flowers and tucking them in and amongst themselves:


  1. I love the fall too Tina. Your designs are beautiful!

  2. Hello, I wish you would ship to Australia!! Any chance in the future. Love love love your work. Di x

  3. Hi Christina, First of all, welcome to the world of Blogging! Your flowers and arrangements are lovely. And you know most of us women love, so love flowers and pretty things. My Blog is a combination of Art and Life so I like to follow a wide variety of Blogs to widen my view and it gives me inspiration. Soooo I think I will become a follower of yours so I can always stop by here to smell the roses! Thank You for sharing.


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