flower id: dusty miller

Outside my doorstep, these beautiful plants are still flourishing in the midst of the cool air of late November. Dusty miller. It is a beautiful plant, unique with its snow white leaves that last throughout summer and autumn. The leaves are soft and velvety and once picked they last long in a vase indoors.

So that's what I did! I picked a little cluster. It has been over a week and it is still soft and beautiful in this vintage amber vase.

Dusty miller is a perennial- it grows back every year- but in cooler zones it is used as an annual. Its a hardy little plant that lasts through light frosts. Dusty miller is great for added texture in a garden, container planting or floral design like this one I created. See it tucked in at the corners?

aye que linda!

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  1. Another masterpiece Tina...you always amaze me. If it weren't for you I would have gone through life think thinking that "Dusty Miller" was a baseball player. Instead, now I understand what these beautiful plants are called that I have seen all my life. I love the amber glass with these.Keep on working your magic


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