hobnail is back

can you tell I love vintage milk glass? Add in some hobnail and I become weak in the knees! I have a great friend who knows me well enough that if she is out at a garage sale or flea market she picks them up for me. Here is my latest hobnail milk glass find. It is a petite pedestal which are harder to come by. I designed a moss cluster in it:

a new design I made in a hobnail planter (these planters area little more common to find):

hobnail glass tumblers (a previous sale) oh they were beautius. I still sort of regretting selling them:

upcycled teal hobnail planter from mushroomandmoss

vintage hobnail milk glass tumblers from jwhite2

a tall vintage hobnail milk glass vase from eddieross
I actually have the same one. I have had it for months now. I just can't decide if I should design something big and beautiful in it, or sell it by itself in my vintage shop?

a beautiful crimson red vintage hobnail vase from lemontreefarm

if you ever see one, pick it up. Buy it for me or hold it and put it back. The feeling of the textured glass feels wonderful in your hands!


  1. I was at Unique in Watchung on Friday afternoon and saw 3 or 4 more milk glass vases for cheap...I put them in my cart to buy them for you, but then Cristian called me to pick him up from work and the line was too long to pay so I put everything back....bummer. P.S. There's another Unique now! It's in the Pathmark shopping center.

  2. I love your passion Tina, that's why your designs "rock"

  3. You know what else Tina...before I knew you I wouldn't have known a "Hobnail" from a "Hogwart"...although at least I knew what milk glass was...doesn't everybody....that's the glass you drink your morning milk form...hahaha...just kidding. I really love milk glass :)


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