i do indeed

I have been visiting family for a few weeks in the desert and red rock mountains of southern Utah. I stopped at a quaint vintage and handmade consinment shop in downtown St. George.

I was rummaging through some old post cards when the suited old man in this one caugh my eye:

I do indeed wish you a happy new year

I loved it and such perfect timing to find it two days before 2009 was gone forever. But when I examined it closely on the postage mark it was stamped Los Angeles (where I ended up celebrating my new years) December 3, 2:30pm 1909. Yes! That means it was sent by this jolly gent to a Mrs. JC Brawn, 1862 Winfield Ave, Los Angeles, California exactly 100 years ago to celebrate the new year of 1910.

and so from me (and my baby camila) to you:


  1. Great find and a great postcard from you and Mila! I love that photo of the two of you. Two jersey girls in the desert of Utah...who woulda thunk it :)


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