hint of spring

Dare I say the word spring in January? Only because it is in the name of this design I just created, hint of spring:

it is overflowing with preserved blanca hydrangeas, buff cockscomb, indian canella berries, clusters of dusty miller and light blue echinops.

I am slowly bringing my shop back up to par. Admittedly, It has taken long because I am constantly distracted by my two under 3. In the midst of a photo shoot of my new design in the perfect lighting, I have helpers at my feet begging to be read Angelina Ballerina.

The sun will shine it's light in this spot again tomorrow, but Angelina has to go back to the library and my little girls always come before my flowers ;)


  1. Ah! Your "little helper" is the sweetest! And, I am so happy to see signs of spring from your shop! Have a lovely day! ~Kathy

  2. Hello! I've been a fan of yours for awhile and decided to make myself known. :) LOVE the new spring design! Your work is gorgeous!

  3. Vanessa thanks so much and nice to "meet" you! ;)


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