flower ID: scabiosa pods

the dainty scabiosa stellata- scabiosa pods, are also known as paper moons, or star-flower pincushions. Striking in a bridal bouquet or as a cluster alone in a vase, scabiosa pods are a name you should remember and tuck in your pocket for future sightings. How pleasing would it be to grow these in your garden and use as a cut flower?

photo credits: floresdelsol, housemartin, mollydunhamflickr, stuetzger, and floragrubb.


  1. I had never seen them and absolutely adore them! : )

  2. These are little gems...love to work with them! Thanks for sharing

  3. just found your blog, really great stuff. especially these scabiosa pods, I've been trying to identify this mystery flower forever! Everything on your etsy shop is just great. love the moss stuff!


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