aalsmeer flower auction

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This morning I would love to roam the world renowned dutch flower auction and pick some fresh floral ingredients. Many of the flowers that you purchase from florists and markets pass through this Aalsmeer Flower Auction, which is the biggest floral auction in the world. The building alone is known to be the third largest in the world for floorspace covering 10.6 million square feet. I guess roaming it would take more than a morning but would be my heaven on earth!

Flores del sol is back online after a big move and much needed vacation. I've missed you all!!! I am working on fixing and setting up my new little studio before I can make new designs but hopefully within the next few weeks they will be streaming in. Happy monday!

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  1. I would imagine heaven would be a giant flower auction...OMG....also, welcome back, we missed you too! : )


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