thanksgiving week wishes

I have a thing for antique postcards. Especially ones that have written messages from a different life time.

To Miss Jose Dalton. Best Wishes From Herman

Dear Elsia, We butchered today (3 hogs). One weighed 325, 360, 390. Katie is home, yet is going away sat. I thank you very much for napkins, they were very nice. Aurthur and Leslie were in Albany a couple days. Wish U were here, we would grease you up in great shape. It was lovely here today, we have to brag of it when we get a nice day. Love to all, Morlier Laslier. -1911

To: Miss E Halkin. Have not forgotten you. Will write you in a few days. With love, Sincerely, E. N. -1908

and two from the apparently humorous Mrs Davis:

Save the drum stick for me. Mrs Davis- 1908

Did your corn equal this? Mrs Davis. Hurrah for Taft!!!
(Taft had just won the 1908 presidential election).

from NYPL. For many more postcards, just search thanksgiving.

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  1. What a beautiful collection. I can't wait to go through your posts.


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