DIY: vintage fabric holiday wreath

this little holiday craft is sooo simple, cheap and fun to make!

what you'll need:

fabric- about a yard. Mine is a vintage green handmade thrifted table cloth with laced edges. It was $3.
There are so many options to use, and the fabric you choose will determine the look. I found some old plaid flannel shirts that would make a great holiday wreath with a totally different feel.

foam wreath- any craft store. I used a 16 inch and got it from michaels with the 40% off coupon.

quilt batting- not totally necessary but softens the foam wreath and makes it a little more plush.

paper and felt- for making the fan flowers

glue gun and scissors.

To start:
wrap a portion of the foam wreath with the quilt batting. Next, cut long strips at your desired width. Then simply tie them each strip on the wreath with a knot. Double knot some for a varied look.

it helped me to put a piece of fabric on top of the wreath to cover the batting when you tie the knot or bits of white will show at the knot.

continue knotting the whole wreath or leave a space (like above) if you wish to add a little embellishment.

to create the fan flowers, I used paper from an old vintage book and folded them back and forth like an accordion. Then I folded the accordion in half and glued it. I then made an identical accordion and glue them together to form the flower. You can cut your paper in different lengths for different size flowers.

lastly, I cut felt circles and then snipped away at them, glued them with some added lace and added them to the center of the fan flower. Glue the fan flowers to your wreath and add some extra glitz if you wish!

happy holiday crafting!


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