favs of 2010

2010 is coming to a close dear friends! I thought I would share some of my favorite things I've found this year.

1.- popcorn, indiana kettlecorn. delish!
2.-Vampire Weekend, Contra and Iron & Wine's the shepherd's dog album.
3.-The Hunger Games trilogy- a great read! And a classic Wuthering Heights
4.- my sister's riding boots- rouch
5.- soft structured dress, anthropologie
6.-jeweled waist dress- boden
7.- flapper fringe necklace- madewell
8.-tuffed love seat- terrain
9.- wildfield quilt- anthropologie
10.-vintage card catalog - flickr
11.-bed time bus roll- my sweet prints - although I would add prayers to mine :)

I hope you enjoy your new years! I think me and the hubs are going to hunker down for a quiet evening and seafood dinner. See you in '11!


  1. I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE DUVETS COVERS!!!!! I wish we would've just bought one when we had the money, but they're all over $300! I hate Vampire Weekend...I want to rip my ears off every time that damn Honda Holiday commercial comes on.

  2. i hate the holiday song too, but i do like a lot of the others on the cd and the song that was on the latest twilight soundtrack.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog:) I hear a lot of buzz about the Hunger Games and wonder if my boys have the books already. I just might have to read them.


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