fall container plantings

i got dirty over the weekend. dirt under my nails, on my face, even in my bra. Boy i missed container planting! I was nervous about it, leaving my 3 month old who lets just say is very attached to me. she figured out a way to demand my attention by refusing to ever take a bottle, which we have been working trying to get her to since birth!! I think she has every right to demand my attention that way though being the baby of 3! I left her with my husband all day, along with my other two little ones and ran out the door. I practically skipped around picking out plants and making up fall designs in my head. It was refreshing to say the least. I got home nervous to be handed a baby who had been screaming for hours, but instead was handed one who had just woke up and literally slept all day waiting for me. sheesh! thanks little penélope mommy needed a day to get dirty. :)

fall plantings are my favorite. they have simple ingredients. mums, kale, leaves, bittersweet and ornamental peppers.

-i'll post other jobs i did later... baby's a cryin'


  1. Beautiful as always! I wish you lived closer so I could take advantage of your talent!

  2. you look fabulous for having a 3 month old...and the planters are great too!


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