to pin or not to pin

Are you on it? Pinterest? Have you heard of it? It's a virtual pin board where you can save all your favorite things from the internet in one space. I like it because you don't have to bookmark all your favorite pretty things on your computer and you can share them with friends. My computer has a history of crashing, but with pinterest, recipes I want to try, inspiration and crafty bookmarks are not erased with every crash!

warning. you will become addicted. at least at first I was. Its been almost a year now so my obsession has lessened, but then again most of my friends have found it now which makes it more fun.

Some things I don't like about pinterest? A few times I have seen images of my work floating around with lots of repins. That's great you think right? Well not if when you link back to the original source it says and shoots you to the wide open spaces of google images or just "". Que Horrible!!! So if you are pinning (or repining), help an artist out... pin ettique states to make sure you have it linked to the original source.

Another sad thing I am seeing happen is the utter downfall of original creativity as creative images regurgitate over and over. and over. woof.
I still love the readiness of fabulous eye candy and another great way to get traffic to my shop and blog so... PIN on!

me on pinterest


  1. I love pinterest!

    I hate when pins don't link back correctly (this often happens with recipes and then I have to go hunting for them) I can only imagine how frustrating it is when your work isn't getting the credit it deserves!

  2. I like using pins to organize my diy list!

    --Jaclyn T
    Nature Inspired Jewellery

  3. yes i love pinterest... thanks to you!!!!!!

  4. YES! In a simply put way, its making fresh super cool and creative ideas mundane. :( :( :( BUT I do like it for the organization qualities! Especially for recipes.

    Regurgitate! Perfect word for Pinetrest TT!

    It sure sucks you in though!

  5. I really dig Pinterest. It really helps me stay organized. No more lost files on my computer... Love your work, btw.... I have been admiring it for awhile now... ! I do outdoor countainer plantings too here in Wisconsin... and I like to fuss around with flowers. I'm follow your's mine ~ Have a great week!


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