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Have you seen it? I am obsessed with Downton Abbey. A Masterpiece mini series that has won 6 emmy awards. I was quickly hooked last year when it first aired and so upset that I would have to wait a whole year to see what happens next. I re-watched the first season over the summer with my sister Sherri and got her hooked. I am so excited that the second season will be premiering on January 8, 2012 here in the US. I am so jealous of those living in England who are watching the second season on BBC now.
The set is beautiful, along with the costume design (modern yet still traditional) and it also has a great plot with some romance mixed in. The show entered the Guinness book of world records as the 'most critically acclaimed television show' for the year, becoming the first British show to win the award. It beat American shows Mad Men and Modern Family to the title. Have I convinced you to watch it yet!?

You can catch up and watch the first season through net-flix, on dvd or it will be re-airing on PBS in december. Or if you live by me you can borrow mine. A great thing to watch over the thanksgiving holiday. They also just confirmed that there is a third season premiering in September 2012!

Oh and if you haven't seen masterpiece's emma yet, I highly recommended that too a few years ago here.


  1. I ran into this show by accident in my netflix and fell IN LOVE. Thanks for the heads up about the new season. I'm off to mark my calendar!

  2. SUCH A GOOD SHOW! So sad we won't be able to have little viewing parties like we talked about this season :(

  3. yes you got me hooked!!!!!!!!!!!
    annie you should try it out... maybe you would like it! you'll have to remind me on jan 8th... i hope montana pbs has it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh... reminds me of all the old merchant ivory films.... which i LOVED. and the fact that you say it beat out Mad Men.. which i LOVE... I will search this out on dvd at my library...thanks for the tip! {the costuming is wonderful!} -Sue


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