penny's first christmas

It's my little Penelope's first Christmas this year! I like to get each of my girls a first Christmas ornament to hang on our tree which we will be putting up tonight. I started looking around etsy a few weeks back and stumbled upon the cute penny keychains that pat from patsdesigns makes. Pennies! How perfect for my lucky little Penny. I asked her if she could make a custom design for me as an ornament and she did a great job! She also makes necklaces, dog tags and more with pennies showing your lucky year (year you met, anniversary, children's birth dates etc). Check them out here.

dont forget to enter the blossom buddies giveaway here. not many have entered which makes your luck of winning high! it ends wednesday at midnight.


  1. that picture of penny is adorable and what a cute ornament! she'll treasure it forever!!!

  2. Seriously, I looooove her.
    And you are the creative genius, makes me wonder what you picked for your other girls, too.


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