teacher's christmas gifts

I am new to this whole teacher gift giving thing with having my daughter Raquel in school for the first time this year. We planted some Amaryllis bulbs for teachers gifts a few weeks ago and have been watching them grow like we did last year. I found the bulb kits on sale at the grocery store and purchased cuter pots for them at a local greenhouse. Raquel loves planting anything with me and was so delighted to make her gifts for her teachers. The bulbs have sprouted now sitting in the sun in the window and are ready for gifting tomorrow.

I will be light on posts now for the next 2 weeks as we take a little vacation out west and enjoy the holidays with family.

enjoy this wonderful christmas week!!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love the bulb kits sold at Christmas time. My peppermint amaryllis is just about ready to bloom!


  2. I just received an amaryllis and I don't know what kind of watering/sunlight it requires...any tips??! :)

  3. jamie! they are pretty self sufficient with a little bit of water (about a cup a week) and sunlight from a window! :)


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