favorites: 2011


2011- A wonderful year! I was blessed with my third baby girl, Penelope. Two of the good books I read turned into great movies and many creative fellow indie etsy artist never ceased to amaze me.

1- Books: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom (so uplifting) and The Help by Katherine Stockett. Music: Bon Iver's new self titled album... mellow, relaxing and playing on saturday night live on feb. 4th!
2- boot socks - not sure where these are from but I found mine at h&m for $6.
3- aden and anais muslin swaddling blankets . The best blankies with multiple purposes. I wish I had these 2 babies ago!
4- new jersey wooden baby teether by little sapling toys. Little Pea is sprouting two bottom toothers and likes gnawing on this dirty jersey.
5- beeswax antique bottle shaped candles- by pollen arts
6- modern decorative wall clock- by decoylab
7- tier necklace by odette, ny a girl can dream right?
8- cover girl outlast double lip shine in candy apple red. I love it, it lasts all day and doesn't get on my girls cheeks as I smooch them all day.
9- white birch forest topography, organic wood wall art- by urban plus forest
10- gold zag tray- by up in the air somewhere
11- Downton Abbey drama series. Amazing. More I posted about it here. Are you watching the new season?!??
12- Persian rug pillows- by old new house
13- New Girl tv show, kinda like a new friends. I find schmidt funny funny and jess "adorkable"
14- Jane Eyre, the movie! I had just finished reading the classic Jane Eyre last winter and found out there was a new movie coming out! It was very well done, a fun girls night out and I highly recommend it.


  1. Huge fan of those pillows! Huge non-fan of New Girl. Zooey is just a little too dorkable that turns to cheese (totally my opinion). Thank you for initially introducing me to Downton Abbey :) Shannon and Brian torrented the second season (its already over in the UK) and said its amazing.

    PS. American Horror Story font? (kinda art deco-y) love it.

    PPS. I was totally thinking of doing a post just like this, this week. Figures ;)

    PPPS. Bon Iver is up for Best New Artist at this years Grammys. What?? Another reason why the Grammy institution is ridiculous.

    PPPPS. Loveya!

  2. felipe tempted me back in september by telling me that D A's second season was streaming online but i wanted to wait to see it!

    the font is called "hill house" i got its fo free

    oooh good i will be looking forward to your post!!!


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