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I have always loved looking at my family tree and learning about my ancestors. Hearing their stories, looking at the old sepia toned photos and seeing the links between them and me really gives me a great sense of family and heritage. I find it intriguing. Facebook has made it even more amazing, meeting a distant cousin who has linked back my great grandmother Rose's line a few generations in Italy. Now instead of pages and pages cataloging your family tree, there is a family fan that you can see all your ancestors linked to you on one page. I can't wait to fill mine in and maybe even hang it up!

Photo 1: My great grandmother Rose (whom i get my middle name from). Doesn't she look so loving and warm? Photo 2: and my mother and my gorgeous grandmother.

dont know your family history or where to start? start somewhere like family (free) or You'll be surprised at how much you will find. Watch out! Its addicting once you start....

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