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This morning I was working in my little studio, which I rarely do in the mornings. I snapped some photos because it has such lovely natural light early in the day and I realized, I've never shared any photos of it with you before. I am usually working in my "flower shop"(as my girls call it) during the late afternoons or late evenings while my babies are asleep. But this morning, a generous friend took my toddler for me while my eldest was at preschool and my baby was taking her morning nap and low and behold, I got a lot done!

packaged and ready to go into boxes

and my favorite photo of the day....

I have been working, planning and ordering for a line of new designs this spring that I will be unveiling in the coming weeks. stay tuned and be excited ;)

congratulations to
Sarah who wrote: "cute! thanks for the chance."
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  1. That's an incredibly cute photo of your daughters!!!

  2. I'm kind of new to your blog and am wondering if you dry some flowers yourself or if you purchase most of it already dried? Love your stuff, very colorful and graphic!

  3. -thanks kathy

    - and Tara, I do not dry the flowers that I use myself. I wish I could but I have neither the time nor space to do it. Hopefully in the future at some point, I would love to do the whole process myself!!!! :)

  4. I love seeing your workspace!!! oh.... really love!

  5. Hi, I found you on etsy and I love your work.

  6. How precious! Thanks for allowing us a little peek!

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