new in shop: plum garden and forest floor

I am ready to start rolling out the new designs I've been busy working at! Are you ready?

plum garden... organic textures pulled from a summer garden. A modern dried flower arrangement designed with yarrow, purple status, pepper berries, oregano blooms and a mound of soft green mood moss. It is styled in a low wooden bowl. Available here.

forest floor...As I added the ingredients together for this design, I could not stop thinking about how much these natural elements reminded me of a forest floor. This dried flower arrangement is designed using tan and burgundy soft ferns, a variety of textured pine cones, natural reindeer moss, wood slices and a few feathers for a soft texture. Forest floor is styled in a low white wooded bowl. Available here.

stay tuned for more... mother's day 2012 mixed designs, and even a wreath!

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  1. Your collection inspired me to have some dry flowers in my drawing room.


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