flower ID: allium

pretty allium from my garden. I had planted the bulbs in the fall with Raquel and we were excited to see them bloom so lovely and purple for a few recent weeks. Raquel's preschool asked each child to bring in a flower from their garden so they could make teacher's appreciation day garden bouquets. We snipped a few allium and gave them along with some of our hosta leaves.

Allium is also gorgeous when they are used in a landscape mixed and mingled sporadically in a garden like here and here.  Sooo, think about planting the bulbs in your garden this fall. I look forward to seeing them each spring now.


  1. They're wonderful! I always mean to buy more bulbs and always forget. I love how the seedheads look after they bloom to---so pretty in the afternoon light!

  2. yes, the seedheads are still pretty in my garden :)

  3. I loved seeing the random, second hand, don't-know-what-is-going-to-come-up blooms I got this year. The allium I planted are rivaled by the big, giant, chive mound that is already in full glory!! Very similar.


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