sandy and local ways to help

photo by a friend and talented nj photographer casey mcdaniel
Sandy caused a lot of havoc on the state of New Jersey and surrounding areas. I am so grateful we only had to deal with long power outages, no school and gas rationing when others have lost so much. My heart goes out to them.
My husband has been able to help out on weekends in hard hit areas with clean up through our church's volunteer organization, Mormon Helping Hands. They are in need of volunteers to help in the hard hit areas. No need to be a Latter Day Saint to help out, they just need lots of hands to help those who have lost so much. There have been plenty of donations for Sandy but not enough actual work on the ground. If you live in my area contact me for details at my email flowersofthesun at gmail  or if you live in the tri state/ nyc area, follow their facebook page for more details on when and where to help. They will be organizing volunteers for many weeks to come.

a video of what they are doing to help here.

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