billy button's new home

Have I told you that I am astounded with how personal the internet can truly be? This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet the purchaser of my craspedia design when I personally delivered it to her home. Melis was so sweet. We chatted for a while and I wished I did not have a place to be or we would have chatted all day. Her home was absolutely gorgeous. Right out of a page of Domino *sigh*, which I still miss getting in my mailbox every month. She has a beautiful blog full of her fashion picks (which are to die for) and it is now on my daily must reads.
a photo of the billy buttons in their new home:

I love that bear print. And she graciously mentioned floresdelsol here and here.


  1. Hi
    I just found your blog and work. It's terrific! I look forward to checking back and seeing more! Thanks

  2. if it's the same artist i'm thinking of...i've been in love with her work for a while now!! i downloaded her works from etsy and used them as my desktop background. i'm SO glad you posted this - it reminds me that i need to go on etsy and buy some of her prints!

  3. Hi Denise! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by :)

    --Linz- do you know what artist it is??? I will credit her.
    <3 christina

  4. i love that what you do is so truly lovely.


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