new medium -pine palm

It is apparent that the mediums I use are much different than paints on a painter's palette. I love mediums that provide texture, are natural, and sometimes even handmade.

At my local floral wholesaler I was reviewing their dried selection, which to tell you the truth is usually rather obsolete. I came across some interesting palm flowers. It was apparent they have been hanging out there for a while, something I've overlooked in the past. They are long and linear, a style which I normally do not use in my low designs. I figured though if I cut them short at a flower they would look good clustered together.

As I was creating this new design over the weekend and cut into a stem, I realized that these palm pines are intricately handmade. Each dried palm petal is wrapped around the stem with thin thread. After a little research I found out they are handmade in India out of palm fronds. As I cut them they looked rather appealing forming flower shapes that remind me of ranunculus or magnolias. A great new medium to add to my palette.


  1. You have turned an uninteresting shape into a real eye-catcher. Looks really nice...kind of a fall kind of look (But hey what do I know :) )

    Very Nice Tina!

  2. Very nice...looking forward to seeing the finished product in the shop. Loving the 'valentine jewel tones' by the way. :)

  3. fabulous. a simply sophisticated discovery!!


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