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Fall container planting season now in it's fullest in the northeast. Here in New Jersey, it has been unseasonably warm but hopefully now that the month has changed, so will the leaves and the high temperatures.

I have chosen a few of my favorite planters found on-line. I also recommend looking for planters at your local home and garden centers, which is where I often find the best.
1.woolly pocket 2 &3. terrain 4. Jamali 5. Neiman Marcus 6. J&M Home and Garden 7. Neiman Marcus

Finding a container:
Finding the right container for your front plantings can be a pretty daunting task in and of itself. You want to make sure that it adds curb appeal and sticks out, but not like a sore thumb. The colors and tones should match that of your house when choosing a container and the flowers to go into them. Proportion and scale are also very important. I often see a large potted urn taking up too much space on a small walkway or two tiny garden pots meagerly accentuating a grand entry way. Another important element to consider is your home's style. Is it a mid- century modern, traditional Victorian, prairie ranch or a country farmhouse? Take this into account when purchasing the containers. A classic garden urn will look misplaced in the front entrance of a modern clean-line home in the desert.

Drainage Holes:
You want to make sure that the containers you have chosen have a drainage hole at the bottom for proper water drainage. If it is lacking drainage holes, drill a hole in it yourself. Without proper drainage, water can saturate the plant roots and cause them to rot.

Filling it up:
Fill the container in with a few layers of loose stones on the bottom for drainage, and stability (if they are made from a light material) followed by clean soil. I prefer to use soil with flower nutrients mixed in already.

In cold climates, many containers will need to be taken into a warmer space like a garage or basement for the winter to prevent cracking in planters made out of materials like ceramic or terra cotta, even sometimes cement. I do recommend choosing fiberglass and resin for cold climates which can be made to emulate their counterparts but without the heaviness and need for winterizing.

voila! you are ready to plant some autumn beauties. stay tuned! I'm off to fill some autumn planters.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Perhaps these will help at least grey up my 'black thumb', lol.

  2. Wonderful tips...I am glad you don't know what our entry way looks like : ) Planters are so expensive sometimes that I find sale items. I like to change all eventually and do it the right way! : )


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