enjoy autumn

this past weekend I went to a fall festival held at an arboretum in our town. My little 3-year-old daughter made this cute craft out of sticks and tissue paper celebrating trees in fall:
I also spent the day yesterday in NYC, I've always loved New York in the Fall. Or maybe just the idea of it. But in my opinion, nothing beats fall in the country. Fall is about the change in leaves. Crunchy, smelly, piles of leaves. I was hard pressed to feel it yesterday. But then again it was 70 something out.

I do love these autumn collection illustrations by max estes:

enjoy it!


  1. You need to take a trip with Mom and Ray up the coast!!! oh my gosh, if you do that I'll be so jealous....

  2. My goodness, your daughter is quite the artist...happy autumn to you as well!

  3. love the plate art. i'm filing that one away fo sho. and yes, i too love ny in the fall, not just because it reminds me of my fav movie ever!

    ...newly sharpened pencils..

    movie trivia!


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