viva chile!

my husband is chilean and naturally we have been glued to our TV along with the whole world as the 33 trapped copper miners are coming out one by one. Truly an amazing day. I felt that today I would post in honor of Chile and their people.

chile leather travel journal

chilean flag and insignia chile

chilean artisan copper art I have in my living room

amerique du sud

and a beautiful song by Sting about the chilean port town of Valparaiso. A quaint town with pastel homes lining the rolling hills by the sea, a favorite of mine when I went to visit. listen here. I promise, its a beautiful song.


  1. Thank God indeed for the rescue of the miners...and viva chile in your honor! xo

  2. Wasn't it a sight! I could only imagine what it meant at your house. :)


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