flower ID: amaryllis

my three year old daughter and I planted this amaryllis bulb a few weeks ago for the holiday season. She was so excited watching it grow rapidly and then open large and fire-hydrant red this weekend just in time for the new year! With one flower bud open and 4 more to go, amaryllis are my favorite holiday flower. Find them anywhere in a variety of colors. I found a few for friends from trader joes. After they bloom out, you can cut off the stem and leaves that sprout, let the bulb dry out, keep it in a dark dry place and replant it again next November for another holiday show!

In other musings, I've decided to jump back on my floresdelsol shop band wagon. I've seem to have fallen off in a big blizzard and laziness from holiday vacation :)


  1. You two are so talented. my amaryllis last year did not produce flowers, it just became a big plant. This year I did not even try! Happy 2011! xo

  2. Lovely!
    ★ Happy New Year ! ★
    May all your dreams come true


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