nesting phase

No these are not photography prints of organic collections or the work of a modern artist. This is the work of a rare species of bee the Osmia avoseta. Discovered recently in Turkey and Iran, these colorful nests are made out of a layer of colorful flower petals with a layer of mud sandwiched in between another layer of flower petals. It creates the ultimate posh nest for their newborn. Each flower pod holds one bee larva which feasts on the nectar and pollen deposited inside by its mother.

To close up the nest, the mama bee bends the inner layers of petals toward each other, spackles the petals with mud, and folds down the outer petals for a tight seal according to the American Museum of Natural History's Jerome Rozen. Absolutely amazing! The flower and mud nursery then hardens and tightens up to protect the larva from predators until its ready to fly.

Talk about a pregnancy nesting phase! I hope to be so creative and loving towards my new little one as my nesting instincts usually start to peak around my 3rd trimester ;) That first photo would make a cute nursery print, especially with the story behind it. I keep thinking I'm going to see an Anne Geddes baby pop out of the top of them though.

For more photos and info see the Nat Geo article here.


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